Founded in1980, YEOU CHERNG stared as a company specializing in plastic injection molding. The products contain umbrellas, leather suitcase, handle and related accessories. Its relentless innovation, test and upgrade largely improve product quality, variety and practicality that meet the customers' demanding requirement. Retractable handle, luggage handles manufacturer.

In 1995, it began developing luggage cart, luggage upright handle and wheel axles applicable for variety of leather bags, tool kit, music box and medical kit. To combine beauty with practicality, it recruited professionals to use ergonomic design. Therefore, the product collection features quickness, strength saving, practicality and prettiness.

For past two decades, YEOU CHERNG has been committed to R&D, innovation, service and perfection. Producing the high-quality products to meet the market needs is
's insistence.

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